What is Traffweb?

  • Traffweb is a web app providing live access to published data through any standard Internet browser.
  • Simple to use, fast and configurable.
  • Specialist modules for highways include traffic orders, signs, markings, road accidents and consultation.
  • Serves up information rich data in an easy to understand format.
  • Data remains owned and controlled by its originator.
  • Cost effective and efficient.
  • Fully hosted, managed solution from the Buchanan Cloud.
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  • An efficient way of handling information requests, saving staff time and associated printing and postage costs.
  • High quality information provided to all stakeholders, including colleagues in other departments, partner organisations, council members and the public.
  • Practitioners remain in control of the data.
  • A fully managed system available at a fixed cost.
  • Efficient data structure allowing for multiple data views, and search tools, specifically designed for the different types of users.
  • Secure access to restricted areas.

Improving the flow and quality of information will reduce the time taken to answer common queries. Allowing access to the published source data will free up staff time and help to provide a service to a wider user base including the public.

How does it work?

However complex the central database, users see only the view of the data that has been configured for their needs. They can then click on the map to 'drill down' to reveal more detail of associated data, images and documents. This approach keeps the interface clean and simple whilst catering for all types of user.

Traffic Order Data View

Accident Data

Accident Data View

Accident Data

Finding the right location

Standard Gazetteers such as Address Point, Code Point and NLPG can be used to find a map location by street name or postcode. Navigation tools include roam, pan, zoom and bespoke search functions.

Zoom layering causes suitable base mapping to be displayed for the chosen scale.

Finding the right information

Users can select the type of information they want to see, for example, camera sites, proposed traffic orders or pay and display parking bays. Where the data changes over time, a date may be selected to view the historical situation at that time.

Drill down into layers of information

Simple queries such as 'where can I park?', are answered without initially providing too much detail. However, more information is available (from the underlying traffic order, for example) to allow TraffWeb users to answer their own detailed requests. This saves the time of authority staff and reduces the number of FoI applications.

Traffic Order Information Levels

Traffic Order Data

Accident Information Levels

Accident Data

Solutions and Connectivity

Traffweb's open structure enables it to publish data from a wide range of sources and to be configured to address many different operational needs. It can connect to our ParkMap, AccsMap and LineMap packages, disseminating this data to a wider audience.

Bespoke solutions and new applications can be developed rapidly by our development team.

Solutions include:

  • Traffic Orders.
  • Public Consultations.
  • Accident Statistics.
  • Parking Services.

Standards and Compliance

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Traffic Orders

  • Permanent, temporary and experimental orders.
  • Line or region representation, text and map schedules.
  • Freedom of information requests.
  • Links to order documentation.
  • Direct publishing from ParkMap.
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Traffic Orders Plus+

TRO Plus
  • Traffweb+ enhances the functionality of the desktop Web App.
  • Printing templates.
  • Add markers and annotations using drawing tools.
  • Optional password protection for private access.
Demo showing PLUS+ features

Public Consultation

public consultation
  • Freedom of information requests.
  • Public Consultation with comment forms.
  • Direct publishing from ParkMap.
  • Efficient communication route to residents, road users and other stakeholders.
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Our portal to our client’s sites.


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Road Traffic Collisions

  • Dissemination of Collision data.
  • Collisions displayed as clusters or individual sites.
  • Cameras and monitoring sites.
  • Direct data publishing from AccsMap.
  • Public and Private access.
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Road Traffic Collisions Plus+

  • Traffweb+ enhances the functionality of the Web App.
  • Printing, markers and annotations using drawing tools.
  • Generate One line summary and composite reports.
  • Pre-defined query categories.
  • Optional password protection for private access.
Demo showing PLUS+ features



Our National accident site.


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Inventory Items

  • Traffweb now displays street inventory layers from InvMap.
  • InvMap is a purpose-built street inventory mapping system. It records and displays a wide range of items including: street furniture, highway features, traffic surveys and safety audits.
  • This information can be published to Traffweb and displayed together with Parking and Road Safety layers.
Demo showing Inventory Items

Fault Reporting Application

fault application

The Fault Reporting application will help you achieve well maintained traffic signs and road markings essential for the enforcement of your Traffic Regulation Orders.
It can be deployed as an open application, for public use, or as a protected one, for use by civil enforcement officers and council staff. Enabling them to report on the condition of signs and markings or any other problems they spot relating to parking restrictions and other highway assets.

Web App reporting tool Demo

Fault Reporting Staff

fault application staff

Once a fault is reported, back office staff will be able to access, prioritize and assign a status to it. As all active faults are shared, Enforcement officers can use their smart phones to check the status of a location prior to visiting it.

Back Office application Demo

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